Bowling for Burns

GrubtoGo recently had the opportunity to participate in a little fundraising/bowling thing and while that was happening we spent much of our time near a bar we choose to share with you here. The image above is a little blurry cause said bar was dispersing free pitchers of beer that we took full advantage of.

The team of firefighters that preserve the Redlands area took it upon themselves to rip down an old workplace bench to handcraft this fine and functional piece. The emblem baring at the face was laser cut from solid steel.

Burn traumas often involve painful and intrusive medical procedures that may or may not restore an individual to their formative condition. Grief is often associated with the physical changes that happen as a result of burns and as you can imagine or perhaps know, psychological insults derived from ones experience can have radical effects on survivors lives.

Bowling for Burns is a fundraising effort that benefits the rehabilitation of burn victims. Donations fund a multitude of projects that are geared towards helping traumatized individuals regain their life force. If you’re interested in learning how you can help, contact Jeanne Terwilliger via email at or by phone at 909-580-6339.

Until next time…