GrubtoGo is embarking on a collaborative process with a company based in Waco, TX to support another round of IT development.

Upon completion of this work, you will notice significant improvements in your experience at

While the bulk of improvement will push our admin technology to a new strata of proficiency, producing features similar to Ubers’ god view and automated order routing to drivers, notable improvements for front end users include:

Menu Scheduling | Menus & menu sections appear on a schedule

Advanced Orders | Allows users to place orders for future delivery

Dynamic Pricing | Price may vary by distance

No Order Minimums

Improved Speed | Improved page load speed

Geolocation | Directs users to appropriate menus based on where they are accessing the site

Delivery Area | Prevents orders from outside the delivery area

Driver Apps | iPhone, Android & Windows

Streamlined Driver Onboarding | New online application & driver management database

Automated Driver Accountability | Ensures drivers who access the system are in compliance with our terms of service

Our humble beginnings offer a strong contrast to the quality of work we can now offer with this project, so we’re excited to be bringing that to the table. Work is scheduled to go live early fall.