Executive Chair

Today, I feel fortunate.

GrubtoGo has received adequate funding to finance a second phase of IT development; work will commence in one weeks time, after we finish negotiating the terms of contract with our friends over at SigmaSolve, LLC. in Plantation Florida. Upon completion of this work, you will notice significant improvements in your experience with GrubtoGo.

Notable improvements include the ability for customers to save/edit credit/debit cards with their accounts, estimated delivery times that take into account the current supply of drivers/order volume and a feature much like Dominos Tracker that offers customers far more than they need to know about the progress of their order. Our humble beginnings offer a strong contrast to the quality of work we can now offer with this project, so we’re excited to be bringing that to the table.

In other news, I have been introduced to an incredibly supportive and comfortable executive chair…to sit upon and do executive things. Ima go do that.

Treat yourself to something delicious.