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Seafood & Fish

  • Black Pepper Shrimp or Scallops

    A black pepper lovers delight! Choice of shrimp or scallops sautéed w/ housemade black pepper sauce, bell pepper & onion.
  • Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab

    Soft shell crabs sautéed w/ black pepper sauce, bell peppers & onion.
  • Crying Calamari

    Whole squid broiled in lime sauce, fresh garlic, chili & mints.
  • Garlic & Pepper Calamari

    Calamari dipped w/ house sauce & sautéed w/ garlic & pepper.
  • Garlic Soft Shell Crab

    Deep fried soft shell crabs seasoned w/ garlic & served w/ cabbage.
  • Hor Mok

    Broiled young coconut, stuffed w/ seafood combination of shrimp, scallop, mussels, calamari & crab claws mixed w/ yellow curry, cabbage, eggs & coconut milk.
  • Kari Curry Crab

    Crab meat & claws sautéed w/ Kari powder, eggs, onions & bell pepper.
  • Kung Nang

    Fresh water prawns, lightly grilled & topped w/ homemade sweet & sour tamarind sauce & crispy garlic.
  • Laab Pla Tod

    Fried whole fish topped w/ laab style sauce, onions & mints.
  • Lemongrass Fish

    Deep fried fish topped w/ deep fried lemongrass. Served w/ homemade yellow bean sauce.
  • Mussels in the Pot

    Mussels broiled in a pot w/ herbs, garlic & butter. Served w/ house dipping sauce.
  • Pla Bo Ran

    Whole fish, deep fried & topped w/ tamarind sauce, green apples, cashew nuts, dried chili & onions.
  • Pla in Lime Sauce

    Steamed fish garnished w/ chili & garlic, served in homemade lime sauce.
  • Pla Neung Se Ew

    Steamed fish in soy sauce, mushrooms, sesame oil, ginger & green onion.
  • Pla Sam Rod

    Deep fried fish mixed w/ 3-flavor house sauce.
  • Salmon in Chili Sauce

    Salmon garnished w/ garlic, fresh chili & lime. Served w/ thai chili sauce.
  • Shrimp in Shanghai Sauce

    Shrimp sautéed in house Shanghai style sauce, served w/ broccoli, carrots & sesame seed.
  • Shrimps in the Desert

    Deep fried shrimp sautéed w/ salt & garlic, topped w/ some fresh chili.
  • Shrimps in the Pot

    Glass noodles broiled in a pot w/ house sauce, topped w/ shrimp.
  • Sizzling Zabber

    Combination of shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari & crab claws sizzled w/ fresh chili, basil, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions & kaffir leaves.