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Drinks & Desserts

  • Fried Banana

    Deep fried banana topped w/ chip cream & chocolate syrup. (Optional) Add ice cream.
  • Fruity Smoothies

    Fresh made smoothies from your choice of fruit: coconut, watermelon, orange, lemon or cantaloupe.
  • Iced Cold Tea

    Unsweetened black tea, sweetened black tea, sweetened green tea or raspberry iced tea.
  • Lemon Soda

    Lemon soda. (Optional) Add boba.
  • Lemongrass Juice

    Fresh brewed lemongrass juice.
  • Lychee Shake

    Blende lychee w/ syrup & milk. Served w/ fresh lychee. (Optional) Add boba.
  • Soft Drink

    Coke, diet coke, sprite, dr pepper, orange fanta or lemonade.
  • Thai Banana Roti

    One of Thailands well know sweet pastries. Roti bread, pan fried w/ banana, condensed milk & covered w/ chocolate.
  • Thai Iced Coffee

    Traditional Thai iced coffee.
  • Thai Iced Tea

    Thailands famous ice tea brewed fresh. (Optional) Add boba.
  • Zabber Snow Drink

    Flavors: mango, coconut, watermelon, green tea, milk tea, taro, green apple, banana, chocolate, thai tea or thai coffee. (Optional) Add boba.