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Fire Grilled Burgers

Substitute MorningStar Farms® Grillers Prime® Veggie Burger or BOCA Original Vegan Burger.

Served with Freckled Fruit Salad or Steak Fries.

  • A1 Peppercorn Burger

    Gourmet burger joint or five-star steakhouse? It gets confusing with the hardwood-smoked bacon, melted Pepper-Jack, A.1.® Peppercorn Spread, tomatoes and crispy onion straws on an onion bun, making this burger worthy of five stars.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger

    Bacon. It makes everything better. Topped w/ mayo, lettuce, tomatoes & choice of cheese.
  • Banzai Burger

    The burger of beach bums, surfer dudes and hungry people. Glazed in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo for a taste wave that’ll knock you off your board.
  • Bleu Ribbon Burger

    A highly prized burger. Topped with tangy steak sauce, chipotle aioli, Bleu cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and crispy onion straws. Served on an onion bun, it’s the envy of the county fair.
  • Burnin' Love Burger

    The King would approve of this one. Topped with fried jalapeño coins, salsa, Pepper-Jack, lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle aioli on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll. It’s love at first bite. Also available with grilled chicken.
  • Chili Chili Cheeseburger

    You might need an extra napkin. Served open face w/ a generous helping of Red’s Chili Chili,™ Cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli & diced red onions.
  • Cowboy Ranch Tavern Double

    Ranch, bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce, crispy onion straws, American cheese and lettuce wrangled together on a sesame seed bun. Available for upgrade to the Big Tavern!
  • El Ranchero

    American cheese, candied bacon, crispy onion straws, house-made jalapeño ranch, barbecue ketchup, tomatoes and shredded romaine.
  • French Onion Ringer

    Swiss cheese, crispy onion straws, French Onion spread and tomatoes on a melted Provolone-capped onion bun, topped off with three golden-fried onion rings.
  • Grilled Turkey Burger

    Gobble up our deliciously seasoned turkey patty, served on a whole grain bun with zesty chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomatoes.
  • Guacamole Bacon Burger

    Guac, bacon, Swiss, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and mayo. No wonder you’ll be grinning after the first bite.
  • Keep it Simple

    For those times when less is more. Choose from our fire-grilled beef, Gardenburger® or BOCA Original Vegan Burger patty with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & onions on the side.
  • Livin' Fajita Loca Burger

    Fire-grilled beef or chicken breast topped with Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, grilled jalapeño planks, guacamole, tomato, shredded lettuce and sour cream on a toasted jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll. Served with Steak Fries.
  • Monster Burger

    Two Gourmet patties, your choice of cheese, sliced red onion, relish, pickles, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.
  • Pig Out Tavern Double

    A bacon lover’s dream—hardwood-smoked bacon with creamy bacon-crumble aioli and American cheese. It’s bacon and more bacon. Enough said.
  • Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger

    The one that made us famous. Featuring Red’s pickle relish, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, mayo and choice of cheese.
  • Red's Tavern Double

    You’ll be tasting double with two classic-sized patties, melted American cheese, tomato, lettuce and Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce.™
  • Royal Red Robin Burger

    Which came first, the bacon or the egg*? Who cares? You can have them both at once! Plus melted American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo.
  • Sauteed 'Shroom Burger

    Mushrooms of the world, we sauté you! Topped with melted Swiss and garlic Parmesan spread.
  • Smoky Jack Tavern Double

    Smoky Campfire Sauce, our bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ sauce and melted Pepper-Jack cheese with pickles, red onions and lettuce on a sesame seed .
  • Taco Tavern Double

    Topped with fresh guac, crunchy tortilla strips, Pepper-Jack, lettuce and zesty salsa. You’ll wanna taco ’bout how tasty it is.
  • The Wedgie Burger

    Stacked with bacon, guac, tomato and red onion inside of a lettuce bun, then wrapped for easy handling—this 450-calorie protein powerhouse of a burger is full of flavor. Served with a side salad.
  • Vegan Burger

    Make it vegan! Our vegan veggie patty comes with fresh tomato bruschetta salsa, avocado slices and shredded romaine wrapped in a lettuce bun. Served with bottomless broccoli.
  • Veggie Burger

    Our custom-blended, ancient-grain-and-quinoa veggie patty is piled high with Swiss cheese, lightly fried, Parmesan-sprinkled mushrooms, tomato bruschetta salsa, fresh avocado slices, sun-dried tomato spread and shredded romaine on a whole grain bun. Finally! A veggie burger done right.
  • Wiskey River BBQ Burger

    Our smoky, tangy tribute to the Wild West. We roped together our signature bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce, crispy onion straws, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. See if you can hang on to it for eight seconds.