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House Special Dinner

Serves Two or More
  • A. Dinner | House Special

    Includes choice of soup, rice, egg roll & paper wrapped chicken. Choice of sweet sour, kung pao, broccoli beef, shrimp lo mein, gourmet mixed vegetables, cashew nut chicken, chicken w/ vegetables or pork w/ Szechwan garlic sauce.
  • B. Dinner | House Special

    Includes wor wonton soup, rice, egg roll, fried shrimp & paper wrapped chicken. Choice of orange peel chicken, moo goo gai pan, BBQ pork w/ snow peas, kung pao beef, shrimp w/ Szechwan garlic sauce, shrimp w/ vegetables, teriyaki chicken or lemon chicken.
  • C. Dinner | House Special

    Includes sizzling rice soup, rice, beef stick, egg roll, fried shrimp & cream cheese wontons. Choice of sizzling pan fried noodle, mongolian beef, kung pao three delight, sweet & pungent shrimp, fish fillet w/ black bean sauce, spicy lemon shrimp, sizzling beef & scallop delight or salmon teriyaki.