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Irresistible Desserts

  • Carrot Cake

    Moist layers of carrot cake with coconut and pecans topped with a sweet vanilla cream cheese icing.
  • Chocolate Chocolate Tower

    A massive slice of chocolate heaven. A towering chocolate 6-layer cake topped with chocolate drizzle, whipped cream and chocolate shavings, served with raspberry sauce.
  • Chocolate Thunder From Down Under

    An extra generous pecan brownie topped with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with our warm chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and whipped cream.
  • Classic Cheesecake

    New York-style cheesecake served with a choice of raspberry, caramel, or chocolate sauce.
  • Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet

    A warm salted caramel cookie with pieces of white chocolate, almond toffee and pretzels, toasted in a skillet and served with vanilla ice cream.