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Kid's Menu

  • Kid's Cheese Pizza

    cheese pizza w/ one topping & side of choice
  • Kid's Cheeseburger

    teen burger w/ cheese & side of choice.
  • Kid's Chicken Teriyaki & Steamed Rice

    wok fired chicken breast pieces tossed in Teriyaki sauce & served atop plain rice & side of choice
  • Kid's Hamburger

    teen burger & side of choice.
  • Kid's Hand Breaded Chicken Nuggets

    100% chicken breast meat hand cut & breaded & side of choice.
  • Kid's Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

    Kraft marcaroni & cheese & side of choice
  • Kid's Mini Corn Dogs

    3 hand dipped nathans all beef hot dogs & side of choice.
  • Kid's Nathans All Beef Hot Dog

    hot dog, bun & side of choice.
  • Kid's Noodles

    spiral pasta cooked to order & side of choice.