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Golden House Specials

  • Chu Chee Salmon

    Grilled salmon topped with red curry sauce, bell pepper, basil leave and shredded kaffir leave.
  • Crying Tiger

    Grilled marinated sirloin beef served with special chili sauce.
  • Golden Duck Curry

    Simmered red curry in coconut milk with roasted duck, bell pepper, tomatoes, and basil leave.
  • Golden Fish Ginger

    Steamed fish fillet topped with stir fried fresh garlic, onions, bell pepper, and mushroom with ginger sauce.
  • Golden Seafood

    Pad pong kari. Stir-fried mixed seafood, egg. Green onion, white onion, celery with special curry powder sauce.
  • Green Bay Salmon

    Grilled salmon sauteed in green curry sauce with bell pepper and basil leave.
  • Three Flavor Fish

    Deep fried battered fish fillet topped with special three flavor sauce.