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Bushfire Bowls & Braises

Organic brown rice, Himilayan basmati rice, garlic mashed potatoes w/ grilled vegetables or roasted squash

  • Brisket Bowl (gf)

    100% USDA grass-fed beef brisket slowly braised and nestled in onions, smoked chipotle pepper, garlic, & tomato
  • Carnitas Bowl (gf)

    carnitas pork, grilled veggies, avocado, rice & salsa verde on the side
  • Chipotle Braised Short Rib Bowl (gf)

    all natural beef short rib, braised in red wine, vegetables & chipotle peppers
  • Free-Range Chicken Bowl (gf)

    a healthy serving of free-range chicken breast
  • Grilled Veggie Bowl (gf) Ⓥ

    freshly grilled seasonal vegetables
  • Lamb Curry Bowl (gf)

    boneless grass-fed lamb braised for hours in exotic spices - slightly spicy
  • Natural Tri Tip Bowl (gf)

    all-natural tri-tip marinated & grilled to tender perfection
  • Salmon Bowl (gf)

    sustainable British Columbian salmon grilled & topped with sun-dried tomatoes, Italian parsley, capers
  • Thai Chicken Curry Bowl (gf)

    authentic Thai curry slowly cooked w/ chili's, coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir limes, coriander & cumin