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Signature Rolls

  • Baked Scallop

    Baked roll: krab, spicy scallops, avocado, green onions, masago, spicy mayo, eel sauce
  • Ceviche Roll

    Spicy tuna roll, white fish, onions, cilantro, jalapeno, chilli powder, ponzu
  • Chuck Norris

    Spicy tuna roll with shirmp tempura, tuna, torched, spicy mayo, chilli oil, serrano chiles, and eel sauce
  • El Camaron

    Tuna roll, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, sriracha, cilantro
  • Hell's Kitchen

    Spicy fish combination, avocado, diced jalapeno
  • Last Salmonrai

    Spicy tuna roll, salmon, green onions, sriracha pnzu, bonito flakes
  • Orange Tail

    Shrimp tempura roll, yellowtail, thin sliced oranges, chilli oil, ponzu, chilli powder
  • Red Dragon

    Shrimp Tempura Roll, tuna, eel, avocado, eel sauce
  • Salmon Loves Lemon

    Classic california roll, salmon, thin sliced lemons, green onions
  • Salmon Philly

    Classic philly roll, more salmon on top
  • Shiso Crazy

    Real crab California roll, halibut, ponzu, chilli oil, shiso leaf, chilli powder
  • Spicy Fiji

    Spicy tuna roll, albacore, sriracha ponzu, serrano chiles, cilantro
  • Tuna Hawaii

    Real crab California roll, tuna
  • Wicked Tuna

    Spicy tuna roll with shrimp tempura, albacore, spicy tataki sauce