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Casa Specialties

Served w/ Rice, Beans & Tortillas
  • Barbacoa Plate

    Chunks of beef meat, cooked in its own juice, herbs & spices.
  • Carnitas Plate

    Fried pork servd w/ cilantro, guacamole & tomatoes.
  • Chile Colorado

    Diced beef cooked in a red sauce made of dry chile pods & spices.
  • Chile Verde Plate

    Diced pork cooked w/ a roasted tomatillo & green pepper sauce.
  • Fajitas

    Choice of meat frilled w/ sliced onions & peppers, served w/ cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole & beans.
  • Mole Poblano

    Chicken in a rich brown sauce made of dry peppers, Mexican chocolate, nuts & spices.
  • Steak Ranchero

    Chopped steak cooked w/ homemade tomato sauce, jalapeƱo, onion, tomato & spices.
  • Steak Sonora

    Grilled rib eye steak served w/ a corn quesadilla & avocado slices.