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Includes white rice
  • Bangkok Trout

    Fillet topped w/ magnificent chili garlic sauce.
  • Catfish Delight

    Fried catfish fillet, stirred in our light Thai red curry sauce.
  • Combination Seafood

    Medley of juicy shrimp, squid, green mussels, scallops & salmon.
  • Original Thai Shrimp

    Golden tempura shrimp served w/ homemade sweet chili sauce.
  • Princess Love Boat

    Sizzling assortment of seafood carefully prepared w/ Napa cabbage, celery & glass noodles. Blended w/ Thai herbs & spices.
  • Spicy Scallop

    Baby scallops sautéed in an intense chili & garlic sauce w/ onion, green pepper & carrots.
  • Spicy Shrimp

    Cooked in an intense chili & garlic sauce w/ carrot & onion.
  • Spicy Squid

    Cooked w/ carrots, green pepper & onions in chili garlic sauce.
  • Sweet & Sour Fish

    Golden fried Red Snapper glazed in a superb sweet & sour sauce w/ pineapple & bell pepper.