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Catering Appetizers

  • Half Catering Tray Buffalo Wings

    36 Pcs | Thai style wings glazed w/ house butter sauce.
  • Half Catering Tray Chinese Chicken Salad

    Serves 8 - 12 | Crispy chicken, chopped lettuce, cucumber & tomatoes, tossed w/ light vinaigrette & sprinkles of sesame seeds.
  • Half Catering Tray Crab Rangoon

    36 Pcs | Crab meat wrap w/ wonton skin & deep fried.
  • Half Catering Tray Egg Rolls

    24 Pcs | Light golden brown, crispy egg rolls stuffed w/ glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, Shitake & Woodear mushrooms.
  • Half Catering Tray Gyoza

    36 Pcs | Crescent-shaped pot stickers filled w/ ground chicken.
  • Half Catering Tray Larb Salad

    Serves 8 - 12 | Choice of tofu, minced beef, chicken or pork, blended w/ lemon grass & spicy lime dressing.
  • Half Catering Tray Satay

    30 Pcs | Select strips of beef or chicken, marinated in special curry, charcoal broiled to perfection. Served w/ peanut sauce & cucumber chutney.
  • Half Catering Tray Spicy Beef Salad

    Serves 8 - 12 | Grilled top sirloin combined w/ cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce & fiery lime dressing.