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  • 16 Pcs Nuggets

    16 Pcs ‘chicken’ nuggets. Includes one sauce of your choice on the side.
  • 8 Pcs Nuggets

    8 Pcs crispy ‘chicken’ nuggets. Includes one saucesof your choice on the side.
  • Buffalo WIngs

    Five crispy ‘chicken’ tenders dipped in buffalo sauce. Includes two sauces of your choice on the side.
  • Fries

    Individual serving.
  • Iconic Fries

    Fries loaded w/ American ‘cheese’, grilled onions & secret sauce.
  • Large Tenders

    Five crispy ‘chicken’ tenders.
  • Side Kaleslaw

    Creamy southern style slaw made w/ organic kale, carrots & cabbage.
  • Side Salad

    Organic spring mix topped w/ marinated veggies.
  • Small Tenders

    Three crispy ‘chicken’ tenders.