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Senior Menu

  • Senior Caesar Salad

    (Optional) Lightly breaded, all natural chicken breast strips w/ crisp romaine lettuce tossed with classic Caesar dressing, shredded Romano cheese, garlic herb croutons, and Roma tomatoes.
  • Senior Fettuccine Alfredo

    Our own version of this classic dish - fettuccine noodles in a butter cream sauce with shredded Romano Cheese.
  • Senior Italian Sausage w/ Meat Sauce

    Zesty sausage served with Rich Meat Sauce.
  • Senior Marinara Sauce

    Fresh onions and garlic simmered with diced tomatoes, red wine and Italian seasonings.
  • Senior Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter OSF

    A toothsome treat for cheese lovers.
  • Senior Mushroom Sauce

    Our Marinara Sauce topped with seasoned sauteed mushrooms.
  • Senior Pot Pourri

    A sampler of Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter, Meat, Clam and Marinara Sauces.
  • Senior Rich Meat Sauce

    Ground beef sauteed with onions and celery then simmered with tomatoes and Italian spices.
  • Senior Sicilian Meatballs

    Two large roasted beef meatballs delicately seasoned and topped with Marinara Sauce.
  • Senior Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

    Tender pillows of pasta stuffed with spinach, two kinds of cheese and topped with Marinara Sauce.
  • Senior Spinach Tortellini w/ Alfredo Sauce

    Hat shaped pasta stuffed with a delicious blend of meat and cheese.
  • Senior The Manager’s Favorite

    Pair any two of these Classic Sauces to create your favorite combination: Rich Meat Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, White Clam Sauce, Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter, or Marinara Sauce
  • Senior White Clam Sauce

    With hints of wine, fresh garlic, green peppers, onions and parsley.