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BBQ Burgers

Served w/ choice of side
  • 50/50 Burger

    Ground bacon, ground beef, grilled & topped w/ crisp Applewood bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & dressing.
  • Bacon Mushroom Western Burger

    Applewood bacon, fresh sautéed mushrooms, topped w/ Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, 2 onion rings & BBQ sauce.
  • Chili Relleno Burger

    Roasted Publano chile stuffed w/ Mexican cheese, lettuce & tomato Chipotle aioli.
  • Garden Burger

    Sautéed mushrooms, zucchini, lettuce & tomato topped w/ caramelized onion marmalade & creek sauce.
  • JL Brewster Burger

    Award winning classic burger w/ a huge 1/2 lb patty, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes & creek sauce.
  • Mentone Fireball Burger

    Grilled jalapeño peppers, grilled onions, pepperjack cheese & hot chili sauce.
  • Phili Cheese Burger

    Grilled onion, bell pepper, mozzarella & provolone.
  • Stuffed Double Cheese Burger

    Stuffed double patty w/ Cheddar cheese & topped w/ American cheese, Applewood bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado, w/ jalapeño chipotle cheese sauce.