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Served on a fresh baked house bun. Can also be made w/ sourdough or squaw bread.
  • Brisket Sandwich

    Tender slices of 12-hour slowcooked brisket w/ bar-b-q sauce on the side.
  • Chicken BLT Sandwich

    Marinated chicken breast, 4 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

    House baked bun piled high w/ the best pulled pork in Redlands. Bar-b-q sauce on the side. (Optional) Add regular or spicy cole slaw on top!
  • Real Deal Turkey Sandwich

    Smoked turkey breast, swiss cheese, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
  • Sloppy Pig Sandwich

    Pulled pork topped w/ bacon crumbles, melted cheddar & bar-b-q sauce. (Optional) Add regular or spicy cole slaw on top!
  • The Tour Slider Trio

    Pulled pork, brisket & tri-tip on three separate sliders. Includes choice of side & regular drink.
  • Tri Tip Sandwich

    Slices of hickory smoked angus tri-tip w/ bar-b-q sauce on the side.