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GrubtoGo is open limited hours 10:00am-4:00pm 09/25/20.

Snacks & Treats

  • Açaí Bowl

    Açaí blend served w/ house-made granola, fresh organic strawberries, fresh bananas & topped w/ shredded coconut.
  • Banana-Oat & Cacao Nib Muffin

    Rolled oats, flax meal, banana, chia seeds, cacau nibs coconut oil & spices. Lightly sweetned w/ brown sugar.
  • Black Bean Brownies

    Chocolate goodness without the egg, butter or dairy. Made w/ black beans, raw cacao powder, flaxseed, oat flour, almond pulp, dark chocolate chips & agave.
  • Fit Fuel Bar

    Packed w/ complex carbs for sustained performance, this vegan fuel bar is how all energy bars should be. Made w/ short grain brown rice, dates, walnuts, hemp seeds, almond pulp, molasses & spices.
  • Hannah's Crackers & Beet Hummus

    Herb-infused crackers made w/ almond pulp, oats, flax seed & spices. Served w/ a side of house-made beet hummus.