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Hand Crafted Blends

16 oz
  • Alkaline Water

    16 oz.
  • Iced Tea

    Loose-leaf tea flavor-infused w/ choice of tropical, ginger-tumeric or blueberry. (Optional) Make it latte style w/ almond milk.
  • Mucus Buster

    Kick that mucus to the curb w/ this blend of alkaline water, lemon, cayenne pepper, agave & ginger.
  • Protein Almond Milk

    Filling blend of house-made almond milk, brown rice protein, cinnamon, vanilla & brown sugar.
  • Pure Coconut Water

    16 oz.
  • Recovery Elixer

    Working out? Replace those electrolytes w/ a blend of Redlands orange juice, coconut water, sea salt & liquid calcium + magnesium.
  • Summer Go-Tart

    Redlands orange juice meets raspberries + pomegranate in this refreshing, tangy, thirst-quenching drink.
  • Tropical C's w/ B-12

    We crack fresh coconuts to make this light & refreshing drink of coconut water, Redlands oranges, pineapple & a dose of B-12.