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salumi e formaggio

  • barely buzzed beehive

    cow’s milk w/ hints of butterscotch & caramel, hand-rubbed w/ espresso & lavender
  • burrata solo

    fresh di stefano mozzarella infused w/ cream
  • chefs plate

    3 salumi & 2 formaggio
  • cypress grove purple haze

    goat’s milk
  • fra'mani capicollo

    fra'mani capicollo
  • marin truffle brie

    a blend from three dairy breeds (jersey, guernsey & holstein) for extra creaminess & a balance of protein, fat & flavor, the milk travels less than 15 miles ensuring its freshness; slightly sweet with a fluffy white rind with italian black truffles
  • mitica drunken goat

    semi-firm spanish cheese; cured 48-72 hours in doble pasta red wine; sweet and smooth, delicately grapey, with a gentle, pliable texture and mild fruity flavor
  • molinari sopressata

    coarsely‎ ground pork, flavored with burgundy wine and then hung to dry
  • p'tit basque

    p'tit basque
  • salumi e formaggio

    choice of 3 items w/ bread & olives
  • salumi e formaggio

    choice of 4 items w/ bread & olives
  • san daniele prosciutto

    simply cured with sea salt aged for just under a year
  • shaft bleu

    ellie’s vintage 2-year reserve is a classic, elegant bleu vein cheese, rare & unique in its smooth, creamy taste & its sweet finish, as close to a perfect bleu cheese as one can get
  • spanish manchego

    semi-soft, unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese; fruity and grassy with a tinge of tang
  • zoe ghost pepper salame

    in addition to the ghost pepper, there are a few other key ingredients such as tequila & cilantro; dry-cured & nitrite free, the ghost pepper dishes out raw heat in layers, allowing you to fully appreciate its subtle sweetness & mild saltiness