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  • 10 Inch Garlic Cheese Pizza

    Topped with melted cheese and Italian seasoning.
  • Asada Fries

    Fries with cheese, carne asada & sour cream.
  • Chicken Tenders & Fries

    3 Pcs | 6 Pcs
  • Chicken Wings

    Buffalo | BBQ | Teriyaki. Served with Ranch or Blue cheese dressing.
  • Fried Zucchini

    Fried Zucchini
  • Jalapeno Poppers

    Jalapeno Poppers
  • Macho Nachos

    Nachos with sour cream, onion, tomato and jalapenos.
  • Onion Rings

    Onion Rings
  • Potato Boats

    Potato skins topped with onions, diced tomato, bacon, jalapeno & cheese.
  • Quesadillas

    Two large flour tortillas filled to the max with melted cheese. (Optional) Add your choice of meat.
  • Sampler Plate

    Choice of Three Items: Onion Rings | Jalapeno Poppers | Hot Wings | Mozzarella Sticks | Fried Pickles | Fried Zucchini | Chicken Strips | Fried Shrimp. Served w/ Fries.
  • Shrimp & Fries

    Popcorn shrimp served with fries.
  • Veggie Plate

    A fresh selection of carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato and cheese.