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Lunch | Chicken & Veal

Served w/ choice of veggies or pasta
  • Alla Parmigiana Lunch

    Hand breaded & baked in marinara sauce & topped w/ melted cheese.
  • Con Carciofi Lunch

    Sautéed w/ artichoke hearts, mushrooms & shallots in a creamy Chardonnay sauce.
  • Dama Bianca Lunch

    Sautéed in a light brandy & cream sauce w/ fresh mushrooms & shallots.
  • Marsala con Fungi Lunch

    Sautéed in a sweet marsala wine & mushroom sauce.
  • Piccata Limon Lunch

    Sautéed in a tangy lemon butter sauce w/ capers.
  • Pollo Al'erba Lunch

    Boneless, skinless chicken breast grilled w/ fresh rosemary & a hint of garlic.
  • Pollo Madiera Lunch

    Boneless, skinless chicken breast sautéed in a sweet madiera wine sauce w/ mushrooms & shallots topped w/ cheese & grilled asparagus spears.