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Clay Oven Baked Bread

  • Aloo Paratha

    Paratha stuffed with fresh mashed potatoes and other homemade spices, baked to perfection.
  • Garlic Naan

    Naan garnished with fresh garlic and cilantro.
  • Keema Naan

    Stuffed leavened bread made with spiced ground beef and authentic spices, baked in our clay oven.
  • Naan

    Delicious white leavened bread baked to a perfect golden brown.
  • Onion Kulcha

    Naan bread stuffed with fresh chopped onions and cilantro baked in our clay oven.
  • Paratha

    Pakistani style multi layered whole wheat bread, baked golden brown to perfection.
  • Rogni Naan

    A special mixture of all purpose flour, creamed and topped with sesame seeds. Baked to a perfect golden brown.
  • Tandoori Roti

    Traditional Pakistani whole wheat bread.