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Thai Salad

  • 11. Beef Salad

    Beef Salad
  • 12. Bean Threaded Salad

    Glass noodles with ground pork and vegetables.
  • 13. Squid Salad

    Spicy squid salad with lemon grass, lime juice, fresh chili, and onion.
  • 14. Shrimp Salad

    Well-cooked shrimp tossed with lime juice, green chili, and lemon grass.
  • 15. Yum-Tai

    Mixed green garden salad with slice of toasted chicken, boiled eggs, shrimp in sweet & sour sauce and roasted peanut.
  • 16. Spicy Seafood Salad

    Assorted seafood marinated in lime juice, lemon grass, fresh chilies, and vegetables.
  • 17. Roasted Duck Salad

    Roasted duck tossed with onions, lime juice, lemon grass, and fresh chilies.
  • 18. Green Mussel Salad

    Cooked- green mussels tossed with lime juice, lemon grass, chilies, and onions.
  • 19. Spicy Three Young Girls

    Cooked shrimp, green mussels, and squid tossed with lime juice, onions, and green chilies, served with vegetables