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  • 67. Egg Flour Soup

    Scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables in a light gravy soup.
  • 68. Bean Thread Soup

    Glass noodles with vegetables and a choice of ground pork, beef or chicken.
  • 69. Napa Cabbage Soup

    Napa Cabbage with a choice of pork, beef or chicken.
  • 70. Tofu Soup

    Tofu with vegetables with or with out meat.
  • 71. Won Ton Soup

    Ground chicken wrapped in wonton skins and vegetables.
  • 72. Egg Yellow Noodles

    Egg yellow noodles with vegetables and choice of meat. Served with or without broth.
  • 73. White Large Noodles

    Flat white noodles and vegetables. Served with or without broth.
  • 74. White Small Soup Noodles

    Flat white small noodles with a choice of pork, beef or chicken and vegetables and bean sprouts.
  • 75. Beef Bowl Soup

    Stewed beef and beef tendon with green onions, bean sprouts and chili.