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Gourmet Selections

  • 20. Chop Suey

    Stir-fried mixed vegetables with your choice of meat.
  • 21. Sweet & Sour

    Your choice of meat cooked with cucumber, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, pineapple in a special gravy.
  • 22. Kung Pao

    Stir-fried water chestnuts with dried red chili, peanuts, onions, and bell peppers in a light gravy.
  • 23. Beef Tomatoes

    Tomatoes, beef, and onions simmered in light gravy.
  • 24. Pepper Steak

    Stir-fried marinated beef in special sauce with bell pepper and onion in oyster sauce.
  • 25. Beef Broccoli

    Stir-fried broccoli or Chinese broccoli with beef in oyster sauce.
  • 26. Ginger Chicken

    Stir-fried chicken with mushrooms, bell pepper, green chili and sliced ginger.
  • 27. Almond Chicken

    Stir-fried chicken with almond, carrot, green peas, onion, slice bamboo shoots, mushrooms and celery in light gravy.
  • 28. Cashew Chicken

    Stir-fried chicken with cashew nut, water chestnut, onion in light gravy.
  • 29. Crispy Garlic Pepper Chicken

    Deep fried half chicken in special sauce with garlic pepper served with sweet & sour sauce or spicy chili sauce.
  • 30. Chicken Mushroom & Baby Corns

    Stir-fried chicken, mushrooms, onion, baby corns, and green onions with oyster sauce in light gravy sauce.
  • 31. Lemon Chicken

    Deep fried chicken breast dipped in tempura flour and served with lemon sauce.
  • 32. Shrimp Pineapple

    Stir-fried pineapple special soy bean sauce with shrimp.
  • 33. Watercress on Flame

    Stir-fried green watercress with special soy bean sauce. (On Choy) (Kung Kong)
  • 34. Silver Noodle & Vegetables

    Glass noodles stir-fried with pork, beef or chicken and vegetables, eggs and green onion.
  • 35. Mint Leaves Chicken

    Fried chili with choice of chicken, pork, or beef with mint leaves.
  • 36. Spicy Green Bean

    Stir-fried hot chili paste with your choice of chicken, pork, beef with green bean.
  • 37. Spicy Catfish

    Deep-fried catfish in typical Thai hot curry topped with mint leaves.
  • 38. Spicy Bamboo Shoots

    Choice of pork, beef, or chicken, stir-fried with bamboo shoots, jalape
  • 39. Pahd Pirk Sod

    Stir-fried choice of chicken, pork or beef with green chili, onion and green onion.
  • 40. Spicy Fish Ball

    Stir-fried fish balls in hot chili paste, onion, green onion and green chili.
  • 41. Super Spicy Stuff

    Spicy hot ingredients and choice of chicken, pork or beef served with vegetables.