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Eastern Classics

  • 84. Eastern Classic BBQ Chicken

    Grilled half chicken, a famous Eastern Classic dish, served with sweet & sour sauce or spicy chili sauce.
  • 85. Laab

    Ground pork, beef, or chicken, tossed with onions, lime juice, ground red chili, roasted ground rice, served on green vegetables and cilantro.
  • 86. Som-Taam

    Sliced papaya mixed with lime juice, garlic, dried shrimp or soft crab, Thai chili and tomatoes, served with vegetables.
  • 87. Soup Nhaw-Mai

    Sliced bamboo shoot boiled in ya-nang leave juice, tossed with lime juice, ground dry chili, and green onions and topped with cilantro.
  • 88. Spicy Grilled Pork

    Sliced grilled pork and ground dry chili sauce topped with cilantro.
  • 89. Crying Tiger

    Sliced grilled beef served with spicy sauce.
  • 90. Goi

    Fresh ground beef mixed with lime juice, chili, onion and cilantro. (spicy & sour)
  • 91. Eastern Classic Sausage

    Link sausage stuffed with slices of grilled ground pork or beef, served with rice and chili sauce.
  • 92. Spicy Beef Liver

    Beef Liver mixed with roasted rice powder, lime juice, ground dried red chili, green onions, and mint leaves.
  • 93. Nham-Sod

    Ground pork mixed with green onions, chili, vegetables, roasted peanuts and sliced ginger.
  • 94. Thai Style Beef Jerky

    Deep fried and crispy sweet and salted beef.
  • 95. Menudo

    Assorted beef in sour soup and bean sprouts and green onions.
  • 96. Naked Shrimp

    Raw shrimp with fresh lettuce on top and hot chili sauce.