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Includes your choice of Red Beans & Rice or Black Bean Sauce & Rice & Sweet or Green Plantains
  • Créole Loaded Potato

    Baked russet potato, fully loaded w/ sautéed veggies, chicken & extras.
  • Créole Turkey

    Créole turkey leg, slow cooked & smothered in Créole sauce.
  • Curry Goat

    Tender goat on the bone, marinated & stewed in yellow curry sauce.
  • Griyo Island Pork

    Traditional island of Haiti dish, succulent marinated pork; twice cooked to perfection; served w/ sauce, garnished w/ never to forget pikliz.
  • Mayi Moulen w/ Sauce Poi & Poisson Filet

    Seasoned polenta w/ black bean sauce & fish filet.
  • Meli-Melo

    A flavorful mix of rice tender chicken, sausage, shrimp & bell peppers; flavored w/ Red Stripe beef. Kin to Jambalaya.