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GrubtoGo is closed for dinner 10/06/20.

Entrée Salads

  • Avacado Caribbean Salad

    A bed of Mixed Greens topped with Avocado Mixed with Special Sauce.
  • Caribbean Shell Salad

    Tomato tortilla bowl filled with black beans and white rice, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, and our Dhat chicken. Served with cilantro dressing.
  • Créole Pasta w/ Dhat Chicken

    Penne Pasta Salad tossed with Veggies in our special creamy sauce and served with Dhat Chicken
  • Dhat Chicken Caesar

    Traditional Caesar salad served with our tender Dhat Chicken Breast strips.
  • Island's Citrus Salad

    Green chopped salad w/ seasonal fresh & dried Tropical Fruit.
  • Salmon Caesar

    Our Caesar salad served with Creole seasoned pan cooked salmon.