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  • Costola di Maiale

    Roasted prime double cut pork chop, peck seasoning, mascarpone whipped potatoes, dried apricot, black cherry & fig chutney.
  • Indian Tea

    Indian Tea
  • Lassi

    Plain or mango
  • Mando Milkshake

    Mando milkshake
  • Osso Buco

    Veal shank, natural jus, wild forest mushrooms, parmesan polenta & gremolata.
  • Pollo Arrosto

    "Mary's Farms" semi-boneless roasted half chicken, vernaccia white wine truffle sauce, roasted yukon gold potatoes & sautéed arugula.
  • Soft Drink

    Coke, diet coke, sprite, iced tea or lemonade