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On the Side

  • Chips & Salsa

    House-made tortilla chips served salsa.
  • Dynamite Fries

    Go for bold w/ crispy russet potato fries tossed in creamy garlic butter & w/ a kick of Sriracha.
  • Side Beans

    Slow simmered white & pinto beans, seasoned w/ cilantro & Spanish onion.
  • Side Brown Rice

    Nutty flavor seasoned w/ pan roasted onion.
  • Side Brussel Sprouts

    You’ll finally be happy to eat your Brussel sprouts. Quick-fried w/ a balsamic glaze & topped w/ fresh herbs & parmesan cheese, you might even ask for seconds.
  • Side Corn Tortilla

    3 Pcs
  • Side Fire Roasted Street Corn

    Delicious charred sweet corn w/ chili flakes, garlic butter & cotija cheese.
  • Side Flour Tortilla

    2 Pcs
  • Side French Fries

    Fish’s longtime partner, chips. Russet potatoes, fried, served crispy & hot. Psst…try the vinegar.
  • Side Grilled Asparagus

    Topped w/ lime vinaigrette.
  • Side Grilled Zucchini

    So simple. So good. Brushed w/ seasoned olive & spice blend then cooked on a signature grill.
  • Side Kaleslaw

    A modern twist on a classic. Chopped kale & toasted almond slivers are tossed w/ unique dressing.
  • Side White Rice

    Simple. A wholesome grain to go w/ your healthy fish.