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Grilled Specialties

Garlic Butter Sauce | Seasoned Olive Oil | Cajon Style | Chimichurri Sauce
  • Atlantic Salmon

    A customer favorite, this salmon is treated to the grill by our fish specialists. You benefit from the full flavor & the Omega-3’s.
  • Barramundi | Sea Bass

    This tender white fish has firm flakes, mild flavor & is ideal grilled simply w/ Extra Virgin olive oil & lemon.
  • Chimichurri Chicken Breast

    A fresh (never frozen) chicken breast, grilled to juicy perfection & topped w/ homemade Chimichurri sauce.
  • Giant Shrimp

    A generous portion of Giant Shrimp is delicious served Cajun style or doused in signature garlic butter.
  • Louisiana Delta Catfish

    A favorite in the South, this white fish is mild, flaky, loves spices & is great grilled or fried.
  • Rainbow Trout

    Some of the best trout the USA has to offer, this tender white fish has a mild nutty flavor that tastes amazing.
  • Rockfish

    Wild Rockfish grilled to perfection and topped with your choice of Garlic Butter Sauce, Seasoned Olive Oil, Chimichurri Sauce or served Cajun Style. Served with two house sides.
  • Salmon & Swai Combo

    Served w/ the toppings of your choice, for a scrumptious combination.
  • Seared Scallops

    Wild sea scallops seared to perfection, with your choice of 2 sides.
  • Shrimp Skewers

    A versatile, firm, white meat, shrimp is slightly pink w/ sweet sea notes.
  • Swai | White Fish

    With moderately firm flakes, this white fish w/ pink tones has a mild clean flavor.
  • Talapia

    This white fish has a mild flavor similar to sea bass, and is grilled to flaky perfection. Served with your choice of 2 sides.