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Battered & breaded in house served w/ Kaleslaw & Fries
  • Battered Fish & Chips

    Crispy battered Swai filets. Reminiscent of England, without the gloomy weather.
  • Breaded Calamari Plate

    Not your basic calamari…these are thick strips, lightly breaded and quick-fried. Top with tangy cocktail sauce from our fresh flavor bar.
  • Breaded Shrimp Plate

    Succulent shrimp, lightly breaded and quick-fried make this a simply delicious classic.
  • Calamari & Battered Fish

    Calamari & battered fish .
  • Calamari & Shrimp

    Calamari & battered shrimp.
  • Dynamite Fried Rockfish

    Wild Rockfish, battered in house and quick-fried. Served with our Dynamite Sauce and topped with chilis & fresh herbs.
  • Fried Catfish

    A favorite in the South, this white fish is mild and flaky, and is great grilled or fried.
  • Shrimp & Battered Fish

    Shrimp & battered fish.