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California Bowls

Choice of Rice, Quinoa or Kale & Corn
  • Dynamite Shrimp Bowl

    Quick-fried shrimp in our dynamite sauce with fresh cilantro, green onions, daikon sprouts, tomatoes, red\green cabbage mix and sesame soy sauce. It isn’t named after an explosive device for nothing!
  • Dynamite Tempeh Bowl

    Quick-fried tempeh, dynamite sauce, cilantro, daikon sprouts, green onions, tomatoes, cabbage and sesame soy sauce. Our Customer Favorite now in Plant-Based. We took our Dynamite Shrimp Bowl and made it even better.
  • Keto Shrimp Bowl

    Seasoned shrimp served over a bed of spring mix with tomatoes, onions and a creamy Green Goddess dressing, topped with fresh mint & parsley. Low carb and satisfying
  • Mediterranean Grain Bowl

    Lightly seasoned, grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass served over a bed of spring mix & ancient grains with tomatoes and onions. Topped with fresh mint & parsley. Eating whole grains & getting your fiber just became tastier
  • Paleo Salmon Bowl

    Lightly seasoned, grilled salmon served over cauliflower rice, diced zucchini, tomato-cilantro and topped with pickled onions, fresh rosemary & parsley. Grain-free make this bowl guilt-free