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Other Breakfast Items

Includes hash browns or home fries
  • Bacon & Egg Sandwich

    Bacon & fried egg w/ lettuce, tomato & american cheese on egg bread.
  • Biscuits & Gravy

    Full Order 4 Pcs | Half Order 2 Pcs
  • Breakfast Burger

    Beef patty, ortega chili, bacon, cheese, tomato & avocado.
  • Breakfast Burrito

    Eggs. cheese, potatoes. Includes salsa. (Optional) Add choice of protein.
  • Canadian Croissant

    Ham, eggs, green onion, swiss cheese & ortega chile on a croissant.
  • Chorizo & Eggs

    Chorizo w/ scrambled eggs & flour tortillas.
  • Country Scam w/ 4 Eggs

    Biscuit & scrambled eggs, covered w/ gravy, 4 pcs bacon or 2 pcs sausage.
  • Cowboy Grits

    With butter, bacon bits, cheese & one egg on top.
  • Eggs Benedict

    English muffin w/ poached eggs, ham & hollandaise sauce.
  • Healthy Eaters

    Cup of oatmeal, fruit, toast & orange juice.
  • Oh Goodie

    Bed of potatoes layered w/ biscuits & gravy w/ 2 eggs any style on top.