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Sandwich Favorites

(Optional) Substitute Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw or Tomatoes for Fries.
  • Bacon N' Tomatoes Sandwich

    Classic BLT loaded w/ bacon strips, lettuce & juicey tomatoes on grilled sourdough served w/ fries & cole slaw.
  • BBQ Style Roast Beef Sandwich

    Beef simmered in sauce, piled high on grilled garlic french bread. Served w/ crispy golden brown french fries.
  • California Beefeater Sandwich

    Sliced roast beef, served w/ melted american cheese & green chilies on grilled sourdough bread w/ golden french fries.
  • California Patty Melt Sandwich

    Ground beef patty on grilled sourdough bread w/ melted american cheese & green chilies, served w/ fries & cole slaw.
  • Chicken Breast Sandwich

    5 oz served on a hamburger bun w/ crispy bacon & melted jack cheese w/ golden brown french fries & cole slaw.
  • Egg Salad Sandwich

    Hard boiled eggs & mayonnaise served on grilled sourdough bread w/ tomatoes & lettuce garnished w/ golden fries.
  • French Beef Dip Sandwich

    Tender slices of roast beef served w/ au jus atop grilled french bread, complemented w/ golden french fries.
  • Hickory Chicken Sandwich

    Grilled chicken breast on a hamburger bun w/ bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce & jack cheese served w/ fries & cole slaw.
  • Steak Sandwich

    Tender sirloin steak served on grilled sourdough bread, garnished w/ crisp lettuce, ripe sliced tomatoes, grilled onions & mayonnaise, served w/ golden french fries & apples.
  • Tuna Sandwich

    Albacore white tuna on grilled sourdough bread, served w/ golden french fries.
  • Turkey & Bacon Combo Sandwich

    A generous portion of thinly sliced turkey breast, topped w/ crispy bacon strips, sliced ripe tomatoes & fresh lettuce on grilled sourdough.