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Entree Plate

  • E1 Ahi Tuna Steak Sashimi

    Whole grain mustard sauce over seared sweet fresh tuna
  • E2 Ceviche on King Kong

    Assorted fish in ceviche dressing, garnished w/ cilantro, tomatoes & onions
  • E3 Albacore Jungle

    Seared albacore sashimi w/ crispy onions
  • E4 Salmon Carpaccio

    Seared salmon with sweet wasabi sauce, tobico & salad
  • E5 Yellowtail Special

    Jalapeno, scallion wrapped w/ thin sliced yellowtail, sashimi & special ponzu sauce w/ lemon
  • E6 Ono Ono Special

    Thin sliced red onions wrapped w/ thin sliced seared white tuna w/ spicy ponzu sauce