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Baked Roll

  • B1 King Kong Brain Roll

    Baked salmon, spicy tuna on California roll
  • B10 Lemon Roll

    Baked California roll & salmon, white fish w/ lemon on top
  • B2 Rocky Mountain Roll

    California roll w/ avocado & fresh water eel on top
  • B3 Baked Crawfish Roll

    Baked crawfish on California roll
  • B4 BSCR Roll

    Baked scallop on California roll
  • B5 Luxor Roll

    Baked crawfish, spicy albacore on California roll
  • B6 Caterpillar Roll

    Fresh water eel, imitation crab, cucumber & avocado on top
  • B7 Las Vegas Roll

    Spicy tuna, deep fried fresh water eel on California roll
  • B8 Baked Salmon Roll

    Baked salmon on California roll
  • B9 Snow Roll

    Baked real crab, avocado, cream cheese inside & white fish on top