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  • 1/2 Chicken

    1/2 Chicken
  • 1/2 Chicken w/ Side(s)

    1/2 Chicken w/ Choice of One or Two Sides
  • 1/4 Chicken

    1/4 Chicken
  • 1/4 Chicken w/ Side(s)

    1/4 Chicken w/ Choice of One or Two Sides
  • Fajita Fiesta (Serves 10)

    Each guest creates their own meal! This customized fajita meal includes grilled peppers, chiles, onions, rice, black or pinto beans, handmade guacamole, cheese, onions & cilantro, sour cream, and your choice of flour or corn tortillas. This delicious fiesta comes complete with Baja Ensalada,chips and salsas. Your choice of Fire-grilled chicken, or steak, or pork carnitas.
  • Whole Chicken

    Whole Chicken (Optional) w/ Hot Sauce
  • Whole Chicken w/ Sides

    Whole Chicken w/ Two Sides