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  • Apple Crostata

    Delicious apples baked in a flaky crust w/ crunchy almond topping, served w/ vanilla ice cream & warm caramel sauce
  • Celebration Cake

    A delightful confection!
  • Chocolate Chip Cannoli

    Crispy shells stuffed to order w/ a sweet, cannoli cream filling mixed w/ chocolate chips. Served over a drizzle of chocolate sauce.
  • Colossal Brownie Sundae

    Twelve decadent chunks of freshly-baked brownies layered w/ six scoops of vanilla bean & chocolate ice cream, topped w/ caramel & chocolate sauces then buried in mounds of whipped cream - & topped w/ a cherry!
  • Dolce Platter

    Why settle for just one? Tiramisu, Double Dark Chocolate Cake, Homemade Cheesecake & Italian Crème Cake.
  • Double Dark Chocolate Cake

    Moist dark chocolate cake w/ layers of rich chocolate frosting on top of sinful chocolate sauce
  • Homemade Cheesecake

    Rich, creamy cheesecake topped w/ a sweet raspberry hazelnut sauce & sprinkled w/ rich toasted hazelnuts.
  • Italian Creme Cake

    Six layers of rich lemon cake & mascarpone cheese filling served in a pool of raspberry-hazelnut sauce & topped w/ fresh whipped cream & mint sprig
  • Mt. Vesuvius

    Double dark chocolate cake filled w/ hot gooey melted chocolate, topped w/ vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce & whipped cream
  • Tiramisu

    Powerfully flavored Tiramisu features homemade ladyfingers soaked in dark rum & espresso, layered w/ sweetened mascarpone cheese & topped w/ cocoa