En garde!

Nothing is quite as satisfying as building exactly what you need until you find ways to leverage the great work of those who’ve built solutions for you. We’re fortunate to align interests with great talent and technology from teams at PEX, Taskus & Shiftboard this year. These synergies are integrated by contributions from of our longstanding partners in technology at Sigmasolve, who continue to refine our quality of service while we welcome a growing demand.

Drivers On Demand

In addition to numerous operational improvements that allow us to expand our reach to new cities, we’ve plenty of front end improvements that will surface with 2017, the most notable of which is a new way to engage our drivers.

Here’s the scoop:

Imagine an inquiry that requires our support team to explore the ingredients that constitute Baingan Bharta with a customer to reduce the chance of contact with some food allergen. The very next call received by our support team may implore that we share the type of wood used to grill Walu Escolar at a completely dissimilar restaurant before a customer feels confident and places their order. Just how much Escolar will it take before you’re uncomfortably squirming away from your dinner, you ask?

These scenarios may be a little over the top, however, similar demands are common. The people sufficiently prepared to address such concerns are restaurant staff, who maintain a strong connection to cooking methodology and recipes used in the restaurants.

Thus, we are interested in shifting the way we accept orders from direct contact with the consumer, to a service model that powers delivery for restaurants. Enter, Drivers on Demand.

Drivers on Demand is an API for connectivity and a freestanding application available at no cost to our restaurant partners that connects to our driver application and facilitates the scheduled arrival of drivers.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Instead of placing an order with GrubtoGo, consumers will start to place their order for delivery directly with the restaurant…who will beckon a driver for service. The result, more knowledgeable service delivered in less time.

The cat’s out of the bag folks.

Save time for things you love; Get it delivered!