One of the great new features GrubtoGo will be offering early 2016 is an advanced order feature. As the name implies, advance orders allow a user to place an order for a designated time in the future.

By default, the advance order feature will allow users to order food to be delivered “ASAP”. Depending on the time the user is accessing the site, as soon as possible will often imply an order will arrive within 40 minutes from the time the order is placed.

Advanced Order ASAP

By using the drop down menu located at the center top portion of the screen, users will be able to select future times to schedule a delivery in one hour increments (See screenshot below).

Advanced Order Future Delivery

This feature works in conjunction with our menu schedules to offer menus and menu sections when they are available for delivery. Orders placed from restaurants that may be closed will be a thing of the past!!!

Look for these improvements to surface as they become available.