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Winter 2018 | Wine & Spirits Delivered

New Features

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of two new features, built just for you.

Whether you’d like to chat, have a question, or would like to remind your driver to grab that special something from your favorite restaurant, follow these simple steps to communicate directly with your driver:

Located at the top of the success page following checkout, tap the “Contact Driver” button. This will open the opportunity to send and receive sms text with your driver.

Masked Connection

The “Contact Driver” function sends a text message to your driver from a unique, anonymous local number. This anonymized number may change and will be active during the current delivery. If you’re having trouble contacting a driver, make sure your caller ID is not blocked.

Further, next time you’re craving that special request item, or any item that may not be available on, you can soon add hand typed descriptions, for any request, directly to your shopping cart.

Save Time For Things You Love.

Get it delivered.

Extended Delivery Hours

We’re excited to introduce new business hours that will extend delivery service from 10:00am – 10:00pm, 7 days a week.

This is not fake news folks!

Save time for things you love. Get it Delivered!

Order Tracking

Order Tracker TREATS

When hunger pains, you need accurate, up-to-the-minute information about your order. We’re excited to share new improvements that will allow you to track your delivery in real time.

Following checkout, the success page will soon be topped with detailed information about your order progress in real-time, so you always know what’s going on. Keep an eye on the page to see when a driver accepts your order, when the restaurant has started preparing your meal, when the driver is departing the restaurant & when your order is complete.

We think this information is soo cool, you’ll also be able to access it by logging into your account dashboard. We’ve even included a link to access the order progress directly in the confirmation email sent at checkout.

Drivers on Demand

We could not be more pleased to announce the arrival of a new way to engage drivers. Drivers on Demand is a new app and api that will be made available to our network of participating restaurants, opening access to our growing team of drivers with the tap of a button.

Drivers on Demand Mobile App

After countless iterations, we’re happy to offer a functional and simple user interface that allows restaurants to request drivers with real time ETA, schedule drivers for future pickup, manage active orders and access order history. We will be releasing the app pre-loaded on portable devices at no cost to our network of participating restaurants.

Order Comments

At checkout, users will soon have the ability to include notes with each order. These notes will be passed on to the restaurant and are visible to the driver picking up the order.

Order comments, coupled with an order confirmation page will soon replace the confirmation call at checkout.

Drivers On Demand

En garde!

Nothing is quite as satisfying as building exactly what you need until you find ways to leverage the great work of those who’ve built solutions for you. We’re fortunate to align interests with great talent and technology from teams at PEX, Taskus & Shiftboard this year. These synergies are integrated by contributions from of our longstanding partners in technology at Sigmasolve, who continue to refine our quality of service while we welcome a growing demand.

Drivers On Demand

In addition to numerous operational improvements that allow us to expand our reach to new cities, we’ve plenty of front end improvements that will surface with 2017, the most notable of which is a new way to engage our drivers.

Here’s the scoop:

Imagine an inquiry that requires our support team to explore the ingredients that constitute Baingan Bharta with a customer to reduce the chance of contact with some food allergen. The very next call received by our support team may implore that we share the type of wood used to grill Walu Escolar at a completely dissimilar restaurant before a customer feels confident and places their order. Just how much Escolar will it take before you’re uncomfortably squirming away from your dinner, you ask?

These scenarios may be a little over the top, however, similar demands are common. The people sufficiently prepared to address such concerns are restaurant staff, who maintain a strong connection to cooking methodology and recipes used in the restaurants.

Thus, we are interested in shifting the way we accept orders from direct contact with the consumer, to a service model that powers delivery for restaurants. Enter, Drivers on Demand.

Drivers on Demand is an API for connectivity and a freestanding application available at no cost to our restaurant partners that connects to our driver application and facilitates the scheduled arrival of drivers.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Instead of placing an order with GrubtoGo, consumers will start to place their order for delivery directly with the restaurant…who will beckon a driver for service. The result, more knowledgeable service delivered in less time.

The cat’s out of the bag folks.

Save time for things you love; Get it delivered!

Cap on Gratuity

In an effort to make a more equitable transaction for people ordering large and small, we have added a cap on gratuity that is set to not exceed $10.00. Gratuity amounts to 15% of the order total or $10.00, whichever is less.

As always, 100% of gratuity is paid directly to drivers and for those of you with an interest in tipping in excess of $10.00, you’re welcome to carry on as you wish.

We hope these changes accommodate your interests and increase your satisfaction.

Service Fee

TREATS Service Fee

At GrubtoGo, our aim is to deliver your favorite restaurants. In an effort to provide the best possible selection of restaurants available for delivery, approximately 5% of the menus we publish come from non-participating restaurants.

What does this mean for you?

Starting soon, when you order from a non-participating restaurant you will notice a service fee applied to your purchase. Service fees will be clearly noted at the top of menus and will not exceed 10% of the price of the meal. The majority of orders we deliver will remain unaffected and a service fee will only apply to orders from non-participating restaurants.

If this news meets you more bitter than sweet, rest assured we will be adding a few new popular destinations available for delivery. In walks Starbucks! Hello Claim Jumper!!!

For all your favorite restaurants delivered, visit

New Pricing

TREATS New Pricing


Today we’re excited to announce delivery starting at $3.99.

This comes as part of a new pricing model that creates a more equitable transaction for everyone involved. Here’s what you can expect:

First, we’ve introduced dynamic pricing. This great feature affords us the opportunity to provide delivery within 4 miles of any restaurant for only $3.99**. Users can continue to enjoy delivery from restaurants that are farther than 4 miles from their location; each additional mile adds $1.00 to the cost of delivery.

Since launching a beta of dynamic pricing in May, we’ve experienced a tremendous positive response in terms of order volume. 100% of applicable mileage is paid directly to drivers.

**Distance is calculated one-way using google maps api that accounts for the shortest drive-able distance between the restaurant and delivery address. Actual mileage may vary at the discretion of your driver and will not affect delivery rates.

The second notable shift in our pricing model is a cap on gratuity that is set to not exceed $10.00. This shift does not affect the majority of orders that come through the system where 15% Gratuity will apply. This shift is primarily tailored to our business users and those interested in placing orders that exceed $65.00 – $70.00 ($66.67). 100% of applicable gratuity is paid directly to driver.

For those gracious enough to tip in excess of $10.00, carry on as you wish.

We hope these changes accommodate your interests and increase satisfaction for everyone involved. More to come!

Insuring a Future Together

Lexington Insurance
GrubtoGo is pleased to work with Lexington Insurance Company | Boston to provide a Commercial Auto Liability Insurance Policy that will cover up to $500,000.00 in bodily injury and/or property damage sustained to third parties while drivers deliver your next meal.

Similar to the insurance policies of popular ridesharing platforms, coverage begins when drivers accept an assignment and are en route to pick up an order or during transit of the order from the restaurant to its final destination.

Rolling Back Prices

TREATS Homepage

Today we’re excited to announce the eminent culmination of an ongoing collaborative process that has created a brand new!

While the bulk of improvements push our admin technology to a new stratum of proficiency, notable improvements for front end users include:

  • Pleasant Photographs
  • Lower Pricing | Delivery starting at $3.99
  • Menu Scheduling | Menus & menu sections appear on a schedule
  • Advanced Orders | Allows users to place orders for future delivery
  • Improved Speed | Improved page load speed
  • Geolocation | Directs users to appropriate menus based on where they are accessing the site
  • Delivery Area | Prevents orders from outside the delivery area
  • Driver Apps | iPhone, Android & Windows
  • Streamlined Driver Onboarding | New online application & driver management system
  • Automated Driver Accountability | Ensures drivers who access the system are in compliance with our terms of service
  • Improved Checkout | 3 Simple steps
  • Mobile Improvements | Improved flow & checkout process

We’re excited by the safeguards this project will deliver the community and efficiency it will afford our operation overall. We feel blessed to save you time for things you love.

Thank you for the opportunity.

You too can play with the new site as soon as it’s tuned.

Secure Payment


Did you know that when you save your payment information on, we retain no record of your financial information on our site?

GrubtoGo is equipped with CIM technology that allows users to conveniently and safely store payment information in a secure 3rd party, federally insured database. At checkout, simply select your preferred payment method and your purchase will be applied to the selected card.

Another way we save you time for things you love.

New Menu

Thai Bowl Cafe

Your Favorite Restaurants Delivered


GrubtoGo will soon be introducing a new way to interact with the service. From the home page, enter your delivery address and the site will provide a complete list of restaurants that deliver to your area.

Look for these improvements to surface early 2016.

Split Payment

Split Payment


One of the great new features GrubtoGo will be offering early in 2016 is the ability for users to apply their purchase to multiple payment methods.

To split payment, checkout as normal and ask your driver to split payment upon receipt of your order. Your driver will be able to use their driver app to split payment between as many payment methods as you desire.

Look for these improvements to surface as they become available.

Advance Orders

One of the great new features GrubtoGo will be offering early 2016 is an advanced order feature. As the name implies, advance orders allow a user to place an order for a designated time in the future.

By default, the advance order feature will allow users to order food to be delivered “ASAP”. Depending on the time the user is accessing the site, as soon as possible will often imply an order will arrive within 40 minutes from the time the order is placed.

Advanced Order ASAP

By using the drop down menu located at the center top portion of the screen, users will be able to select future times to schedule a delivery in one hour increments (See screenshot below).

Advanced Order Future Delivery

This feature works in conjunction with our menu schedules to offer menus and menu sections when they are available for delivery. Orders placed from restaurants that may be closed will be a thing of the past!!!

Look for these improvements to surface as they become available.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Baylor University Delivery

April 2015 – GrubtoGo today announces that the company has signed a non-exclusive license agreement with a company located in Waco, TX, and surrounding areas.

The agreement combines resources to fuel growth of our administrative technology at a pace that would challenge each company individually. Stipulations of the license allow both companies access to functionality of the delivery platform and incorporate the services of our preferred Floridian IT provider, Sigma Solve Inc.

This effort is the culmination of an ongoing collaborative process between the two companies that began early in 2015. We’re excited by the safeguards this project will deliver our community and efficiency it will afford our operation overall.

For everyone, this is a win win situation, the benefits of which will surface with the heat of Summer 2015.

New Restaurants

We’re excited to announce a great start to March with two new restaurants available for delivery. The fast growing and health conscience:

Waba Grill
And, a wonderful compliment to all things Thai:

Thai Bowl

Get comfy. Indulge. GrubtoGo.


New Restaurants

Welcome 2015!!!! We’re happy to announce a great start to a new year with two new restaurants available for delivery. The much appreciated Italian restaurant:

Isabellas Restaurant Italiano

And, an exclusively vegetarian restaurant serving up creative renditions of Chinese cuisine with fresh vegetables, tofu, soy & wheat gluten based vegetarian meat products.



Happy Family Vegetarian

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Good Guys Mock Logo TREATS

Nov. 2014 – GrubtoGo today announces that the company has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with an organization based outside of Baltimore, MD, providing similar services to businesses on the East Coast.

The agreement allows the company to employ administrative technology developed and utilized by GrubtoGo.

Under the licensing agreement, the company receives a complete technology transfer of the GrubtoGo delivery process to enable them to effectively scale their operation. The licensee sets their own price for the service they provide, paying a royalty on sales to GrubtoGo to support ongoing development of the technology.

This effort is the culmination of an ongoing collaborative process between the two companies that began early in 2014. We’re excited by the prospect of this play and are happy to incorporate the services of our preferred Florida based IT company SigmaSolve, LLC.

New Receipt


A small improvement, the consequence of a project we have ongoing is a new receipt; it’s closer to perfect and we think you’ll like it.

In the past, an Estimated Grand Total was the best we could provide users. Now, we are equipped to provide every order with the Retail price of their purchase at the multitude of restaurants we service. Additionally,  we will include the precise Grand total that has been captured to the default payment method at checkout.

Tada! You can expect to see it in action soon.

Updated Menus

Dhat Island


New Restaurant


Ten years prior to 1948, when Truman issued an Executive Order to desegregate the armed services, Bill Darden (Age 19) opened his first restaurant to everyone in Waycross, Ga. This courageous move came during a time when racial segregation and discrimination across the South denied African Americans their constitutional rights, including access to all public facilities, including restaurants.

State-sponsored school segregation was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, 16 years following the first Darden restaurant; the remaining Jim Crow laws were overruled in 1964-65, a full 26 years later.

GrubtoGo is pleased to be working with Olive Garden and Darden Restaurants.

Check out their menus:

Olive Garden Menu

Olive Garden Parties To Go! Menu


When you want people to hear something, engage them.

We took it upon ourselves to re-package one of our internal employee handbooks in a full color, easy to navigate mobile site. It turned out great (See screenshots below).

Reception Handbook TREATS

Tis’ the season for business luncheons. Order catering from our new friends at:

Olive Garden

Upcoming Features! CIM is now equipped with CIM technology that allows users to conveniently and safely store payment information in a remote 3rd party, federally insured database.

At checkout, users will elect to store their payment information which is instantly encrypted and tokenized before it travels to said third party database. Tokenization is an added level of security on top of the standard encryption we are all familiar with. This means that all financial information transmitted on will take place in the form of a proprietary token that, if intercepted and decrypted, yields absolutely no loss of private information to would be cyber-predators.

This is just another way GrubtoGo is saving you time for things you love.

We look forward to introducing use of this new feature and transitioning to a credit/debit card only environment as soon as testing concludes.

Order something delicious!


GrubtoGo is happy to partner with a benevolent and useful website that helps friends experiencing challenging and exciting times due to birth, surgery, illness, etc. connect with people who want to help. is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals. By allowing the giving party to take into account the recipient’s preferred meal times & food preferences, the site helps ensure that the recipient in need get the meal they enjoy on the day that is most helpful.

Our first two interactions in partnership with have opened the door to situations we all want to be part of. We were able to deliver to a family tending to a critically ill member and another family that recently had a baby.

So, we are happy to be a part of that.

Press Adventures

Print Pick Up Mishap

Early this morning we eagerly anticipated picking up an order of full color 1/4″ rounded corner uv-coated vanity cards that ought to be sufficient to spread our cause nationwide. Upon arrival to the large industrial printer at the heart of downtown Los Angeles we were greeted with a friendly receptionist and a small box that contained approximately 100 cards.

Apparently, the order is still cooking.

We look forward to shipping our network of restaurant partners cards that solicit the availability of delivery as they become available.

The Golden Hum

GrubtoGo SigmaSolve Contract TREATS

This week, our needs were met by way of a contract from the multi-national gurus of technology at SigmaSolve, LLC (Plantation, FL).

We’re eagerly anticipating the effect of this work, all of which aim to increase the value of your experience at Construction commences early next week.

New Menus

Eureka! Burger

Five Guys

Lotus Garden

New Menus

Mill Creek Cattle Co



Execute & Deliver

Executive Chair

Today, I feel fortunate.

GrubtoGo has received adequate funding to finance a second phase of IT development; work will commence in one weeks time, after we finish negotiating the terms of contract with our friends over at SigmaSolve, LLC. in Plantation Florida. Upon completion of this work, you will notice significant improvements in your experience with GrubtoGo.

Notable improvements include the ability for customers to save/edit credit/debit cards with their accounts, estimated delivery times that take into account the current supply of drivers/order volume and a feature much like Dominos Tracker that offers customers far more than they need to know about the progress of their order. Our humble beginnings offer a strong contrast to the quality of work we can now offer with this project, so we’re excited to be bringing that to the table.

In other news, I have been introduced to an incredibly supportive and comfortable executive chair…to sit upon and do executive things. Ima go do that.

Treat yourself to something delicious.

Things We Love

Our drivers will soon be sporting our new red polos embroidered with the GrubtoGo logo. If you are ever in need of high quality silk screening or embroidery we find tremendous value coming from JAM Sportswear (325 Alabama Street, Redlands, Ca 92373).

Red Polo's TREATS

And, if you keep you’re eyes peeled around town, you ought to see one or two of our new vinyl decals that will be going up near the entrances of all your favorite restaurants!
Reverse Adhesive Decals TREATS

Treat yourself to something delicious. GrubtoGo delivers all your favorite restaurants.

New Restaurants

Ladies & Gentleman,

Two new restaurants joined the arsenal of available destinations we can now deliver:

Taco Village

El Pollo Loco

New Menu

Mac Grill



We are pleased to announce that we are now working with Citrone. Their menu will be updated soon.

Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts Flyer

GrubtoGo is proud to announce a new program designed specifically for our much appreciated business clientele. With a corporate account, members can now receive 5% discount off the purchase price of their meals from any participating restaurant(s). Corporate account(s), like all purchases at GrubtoGo, are free for orders $250.00 +. (Excluding Taxes | 15% Gratuity Included).

For more information and to enroll contact Customer Support by phone or email

New Menus

Be sure to get on the new menus from Niko Niko (27510 W. Lugonia Ave, Redlands, CA 92374) and Casa Maya (1839 Mentone Blvd, Mentone, CA 92359).

Speak Up!

Keep GrubtoGo as accurate as possible by sending a “heads up” if you see a menu item that you feel is inaccurate. At the bottom of every menu, we have added a link that will enable you to quickly send a note to our menu team to update your menu.


Menu Discrepancy Email Link

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