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  • Vegetarian Cashew Tofu

    Fried tofu w/ onions, baby corn, celery, carrots & water chestnuts.
  • Vegetarian Claypot Rice

    Rice w/ veggie meat, ginger, wood ear mushroom, lily buds, onions & scallions..
  • Vegetarian Crispy Spring Rolls

    Crispy vegetarian rolls w/ jicama, tofu, carrots, vermicelli noodles, wood ear mushrooms & nuoc cham.
  • Vegetarian Golden Bag

    Crispy wonton filled w/ a wok-fried rice, mushrooms, vegetables & chili oil sauce.
  • Vegetarian Grilled Asian Eggplant

    Grilled Asian eggplant, ginger cucumber chili relish & scallion oil.
  • Vegetarian Seared Stuffed Tomatoes

    Pan fried tomatoes filled w/ assorted mushrooms & tofu, braised in tomato maggi sauce.
  • Vegetarian Vietnamese Crepe

    Crispy rice crepe filled w/ tofu, bean sprouts served w/ lettuce cups & nuoc cham.
  • Vegetarian Wok Fried Noodles

    Wok fried tofu, baby bok choy, shiitake mushrooms & baby carrots on a bed of wok fried egg noodles or wok fried rice noodles.
  • Vegetarian Wok Fried Rice

    Wok fried rice, onions, scallions peas & carrots, mushrooms & tofu.
  • Vegetarian Yellow Curry Tofu

    Coconut curry tofu w/ baby carrots fingerling potatoes, pearl onions, scallions & cilantro.
  • Veggie Meat Chili Lemongrass

    Stir-fry veggie meat in caramel-chili lemongrass & onion atop toasted peanuts.
  • Watercress Tofu Salad

    Crispy tofu tossed w/ watercress, cucumbers, bean sprouts, scallions, red peppers & toasted peanuts w/ peanut sauce.