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salumi e formaggio

  • barely buzzed beehive

    cow’s milk w/ hints of butterscotch & caramel, hand-rubbed w/ espresso & lavender
  • brie

    marin‎ french cheese, triple-cream, slightly sweet with a fluffy white rind
  • burrata solo

    fresh di stefano mozzarella infused w/ cream
  • chefs plate

    3 salumi & 2 formaggio
  • garroxta

    semi hard Catalonian goat’s milk cheese, covered by a velvety grey mold coating that lends it a woody aroma, although it is best not eaten with the cheese; the flavor is reminiscent of damp earth underlined by slightly nutty & herbal essences
  • grana padano

    cow’s milk, hard cheese, “the king of cheeses”
  • la quercia coppa

    dry cured pork collar; spiced w/ smoked pimenton & cocoa
  • la quercia prosciutto

    award winning la quercia cured pork
  • la quercia speck

    dry cured prosciutto that is lightly smoked w/ apple wood
  • moody blue

    rich creamy blue is delicately smoked over fruit wood to create subtle smoky undertones with hints of roasted nuts and coffee
  • pepato sheep

    hard sheep's milk, the perfect amount of peppercorns balanced w/ smooth creaminess
  • point reyes toma

    semi hard cheese aged 3 months, pasturized cow’s milk, buttery, grassy tang in the finish
  • robiola bosina

    cow & sheep’s milk, full rich flavors that are earthy & mushroomy w/ undertones of tangy sweetness
  • salame nduja

    spicy, rich & packed w/ umami, pate style
  • salumi e formaggio

    choice of 5 items w/ bread & olives
  • salumi e formaggio

    choice of 3 items w/ bread & olives
  • salumi e formaggio

    choice of 4 items w/ bread & olives
  • sopressata

    dry salame with a little heat
  • tatufo salami

    felino salami w/ black summer truffles