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Classic Lunch Combo

Famous House Salad, Breadsticks & choice of Homemade Soup
  • 29. Vegetable Salad

    Vegetable salad
  • 30. Cucumber Salad

    Cucumber w/ house sweet n' sour vinegar dressing.
  • 31. Chicken Salad

    Salad w/ steamed chicken & peanut dressing
  • 32. Chef Salad

    SpicySalad w/ chicken or fried tofu, tossed w/ house dressing.
  • 33. Yum Woon Sen

    SpicyClear noodles w/ shrimp, ground chicken, seasoned w/ Thai herbs. A hot & spicy dressing w/ lemon juice.
  • 34. Larb Salad

    SpicyMinced beef, pork or chicken, seasoned w/ Thai herbs, hot & spicy sauce & lemon juice
  • 35. Moo Nam Tok

    SpicyPork seasoned w/ Thai herbs, red onion, basil leaves & lemon juice.
  • 36. Yum Pla-Muke

    SpicyGrilled Squid, seasoned w/ onion, mint leaves, chili & lemon juice.
  • 37. Yum Neau

    SpicyGrilled beef, tomato, cucumber, onion, mixed w/ hot & sour sauce w/ lemon juice.
  • 38. Yum Yai Salad

    Salad w/ shrimp, chicken, cucumber, onion, carrots, lettuce & hard-boiled egg.
  • 39. Goong Pla

    Grilled medium rare shrimp, seasoned w/ onion, mint leaves, chili & lemon juice.